Monday, December 17, 2012

Game Presentation

I had a great Fall 2012 Semester in Game Development class!!

Reactor Prototype 8

Things Added:

1. Main Page
2. Radiation created at random intervals
3. Game over page
4. Scoring
5. Pause Game
6. Escape Game
7. Background Music

Things For the Future:

1. Better Graphics
2. Different Levels
3. Multiplayer

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Prototype 7

Things added:

1. Shooting to cannon
2. Radiation objects to shoot

Things to add:

1. Random Instantiate of Radiation (At a certain time interval)
2. Scoring
3. Sound
4. Better Graphics
5. Levels


Bike Steering: A = left , W = foward,  S = reverse, D = right (or arrows)

Shooting: Space

Try and shoot the glowing radiation objects (currently a sphere and a cube)

Click the image below to play!!

What is an AI based game?

            I think that the AI in games is more like the actions of a person who made a personal decision. So physics is of course something that cannot be ignored for realism, but neither can AI. For example, an apple falls from the tree. That in a game would be the physics aspect. Next example, When enough apples have fallen on the ground, the farmer goes and collects them. That would be the AI. The farmer has decided when to go and get the apples, when most of them have fallen. However, the apple falling from the tree is directed by gravity, a component of physics.

Peer Game Feedback

I play tested two games. First, Epic Space Battle. Second, Sword and the Legend. Both were very cool.

Epic Space Battle:

Sword and the Legend:

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Prototype 6

1. Added terrain.
2. Added Background. 
3. Added walls to stop bike from falling off cliff. 
4. Added cannon to bike. 

To Do: 
1. Add shooting to cannon. 
2. Add radiation to shoot. 
3. Add scoring. 
4. Add different levels. 
5. Add better graphics. 
6. Add sound.

Monday, December 3, 2012

League of Legends (Multiplayer Expeirence)

Playing LoL:

This screencast is the first time I played the game. I was learning as I was playing and it was a bit frustrating, but cool at the same time. I think that the multiplayer gaming experience would be a lot better if I had a computer that was set up for playing these type of games. Similar to when I played World of Tanks, I did not successfully kill a single enemy. That could be in part due to lack of experience with the game and also because of playing with a mousepad and not an actual mouse.\