Sunday, October 28, 2012

Shockwave Prototype Update

          After receiving feed back on my first prototype, I have made some modifications. I guess that I was not so understanding of the fact that everyone might not know how to play the game, before actually trying it. As such, I have included a little sentence at the top on how to move the player entity, and what the entity does to get points. Also, I included background track from the band Nebula called All the Way. The track will continue to run as the game is open, then loop when it is complete, it is about a 10 minute track. I noticed that when the game was played by someone other than me, there was frustration in the slow acceleration of the player entity, so that has been increased exactly tenfold. In addition, the overall speed of the player entity has increased by 125 percent. Because I increased the player acceleration and speed properties, I also increased the frequency with which the charges are spawned. Lastly, I made increased the game clock from 30 seconds to one minute. Please play and comment!!! Thanks!!

Shockwave Update1

Friday, October 26, 2012

AI for Games Second Edition Ch. 2

   “The best AI programmers are those who can use a very simple technique to give the illusion of complexity.” It seems that this pretty much sums up the algorithm technique of game AI. Of course there are many other considerations, as this chapter points out. The Intel design of “hyper-threading” is definitely a resolve for multiple processes (not to be confused with processors) to be executing different threads at the same time, on the same processor. (At least that is how I understand it to be beneficial.) Also, the lack of structured software engineering principles during AI design seems to indicate that it is sort of a revolutionary discovery in computer science, one that has very few limitations if any. The development of AI engines has allowed the industry to move from developing games from scratch to having a somewhat versatile platform to allow object sharing from game to game. Of course, all depends on the specific type of AI game that is desired. Also, different platforms for gameplay can have a significant impact on the development of the AI algorithm.

AI for Games Second Edition Ch. 1

Just a little overview of Ch.1

            Ch.1 is starts out by providing a quick -get up to speed- description of AI. I found it quite good. It mentioned a couple games that I enjoyed playing (the first Half Life, and GTA3). These games had some AI flaws, I remember that at the time but did not care. So, with the flaws from those games, newer games have been developed with similar gameplay, but with fewer AI flaws. Awesome. In addition, the fundamental understanding of AI is discussed. Dividing the strategic level with the agent level. The book explains that some games rely heavily on both, while others may rely only on one of the two levels. Next is just an overview of how the book will teach AI and why. A sort of C++  psuedocode will be used (with full code provided on their website). I am very interested in reading the rest of the book. More to follow on this book.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Shockwave Prototype

         I really wanted to create something not only with function, but also with little theme. I suppose that for a prototype the function is more purposeful than the theme. Anyway, I do not really intend for my final product (Shockwave) to be very near to the design of this prototype. Rather, I think the similarities will be in the idea. The random electricity that must be neutralized. I am more leaning towards a 3d type tube shooting game. When playing this prototype, you have a time limit of 30 seconds wherein you must try and neutralize as many floating charges as possible. Just touch the charges and they will be destroyed. My top score is 31, but that is on a laptop (no mouse).

Here is the current link:


Friday, October 12, 2012

Shockwave Focus

       Shockwave is an electrically charged and classically themed destroy or be destroyed game. The player is experiencing a setting where pulses of electricity are coming toward him, he must manage how to neutralize each deadly pulse before the pulse neutralizes him. This game encompasses a 3D tube shooting environment, a classical video game scenario, and exciting gameplay that requires player focus and coordination. Initially the electrical pulses are slow, infrequent, and easily neutralized; as the game progresses, the player must manage the increase in electrical pulses and the increase in speed with which they are traveling. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Brainstorming Game for Kids


           My intention is to create a game that will entertain my 22 month old son. His mind seems to be going a million miles a minute and I would like to give him something that will entertain him and maybe help him learn and grow at the same time. I have seen him play with games and videos and he is more reactive to something that incorporates his interaction with music. Of course the game should be colorful and I am thinking that the animation should be large items rather than small. 

            What I would like to do is have a scene with clouds that have letters or numbers. When my son selects one of these clouds a nice little jingle or an audible voice saying the letter or the number. Of course my son will be bored with this rather quickly, so there should be other settings like a farm scene that has animals and when he selects the animals and audible voice is heard with the name of the animal.


          My son has become very capable with our smart phones and out Galaxy tab. He can very easily navigate thru the pages and apps to find what he wants, so I think this game would be best for him if it could be played as a mobil app. 2D with touch screen.

More to follow....

Monday, October 1, 2012

Brainstorming Games Revisited / Chess

 Considering I devote a great amount of my “do nothing” time to playing chess, it seems natural that I would like to create a chess game that suits my wants and desires. I really think that the game I want needs a sort of cool and exciting feel to it. I guess I want to create a sort of Gladiator type chess game, or maybe even a Lord of the Rings chess game. I just want the scenery and the play of the game to really captivate the people involved. Chess can get somewhat boring if you are waiting for an opponent. So why not have some sort of story going along with the gameplay, or atleast some action to make the waiting time pass faster.

Brainstorming Games Revisited / Aircraft Design

The aircraft design game is like a true dream game for me. It is like my fantasy game. The only problem here is that I think I do not have the time or skills to create this game as I want it. However, I am not giving up on this game. If I get better at game development and get some people to help me, someday I am going to make the aircraft design game. I think it would be great to have a game that the player must build an aircraft to suit the needs of the scenario introduced. How much is considered, or how detailed the aircraft becomes, can be determined by the level of difficulty that the player chooses. I get a feeling of fun just thinking about this game.