Sunday, November 18, 2012


My Thoughts

The initial setting of this game looked to me as rather simple and did not make me to terribly excited. I completed some of the tasking and moved through a to a new level to see some new stuff. The game itself did not capture me at all. I thought that the jukebox tune was kind of cool, at first. Then, I got very sick of hearing the same jukebox tune over and over again. I went to the clothing store and tried some clothing (as directed by the game tasking). When I got to the clothing store I found the selections that were fun and interesting required me to pay money with my credit card. So, I am not going to do that. Additionally, I noticed that other than Dr. Joseph, I only have one friend on my facebook who plays the game. I do not have a friends list of thousands, but it is hundreds and that means that less than .5% of them are playing this game. Anyway, I think that it has an old-school Zelda feel and will probably appeal to those that like such games. On a side note, I liked the sound of the ocean in the background jingle. Very relaxing.


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