Friday, October 26, 2012

AI for Games Second Edition Ch. 1

Just a little overview of Ch.1

            Ch.1 is starts out by providing a quick -get up to speed- description of AI. I found it quite good. It mentioned a couple games that I enjoyed playing (the first Half Life, and GTA3). These games had some AI flaws, I remember that at the time but did not care. So, with the flaws from those games, newer games have been developed with similar gameplay, but with fewer AI flaws. Awesome. In addition, the fundamental understanding of AI is discussed. Dividing the strategic level with the agent level. The book explains that some games rely heavily on both, while others may rely only on one of the two levels. Next is just an overview of how the book will teach AI and why. A sort of C++  psuedocode will be used (with full code provided on their website). I am very interested in reading the rest of the book. More to follow on this book.

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