Friday, October 26, 2012

AI for Games Second Edition Ch. 2

   “The best AI programmers are those who can use a very simple technique to give the illusion of complexity.” It seems that this pretty much sums up the algorithm technique of game AI. Of course there are many other considerations, as this chapter points out. The Intel design of “hyper-threading” is definitely a resolve for multiple processes (not to be confused with processors) to be executing different threads at the same time, on the same processor. (At least that is how I understand it to be beneficial.) Also, the lack of structured software engineering principles during AI design seems to indicate that it is sort of a revolutionary discovery in computer science, one that has very few limitations if any. The development of AI engines has allowed the industry to move from developing games from scratch to having a somewhat versatile platform to allow object sharing from game to game. Of course, all depends on the specific type of AI game that is desired. Also, different platforms for gameplay can have a significant impact on the development of the AI algorithm.

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