Friday, October 12, 2012

Shockwave Focus

       Shockwave is an electrically charged and classically themed destroy or be destroyed game. The player is experiencing a setting where pulses of electricity are coming toward him, he must manage how to neutralize each deadly pulse before the pulse neutralizes him. This game encompasses a 3D tube shooting environment, a classical video game scenario, and exciting gameplay that requires player focus and coordination. Initially the electrical pulses are slow, infrequent, and easily neutralized; as the game progresses, the player must manage the increase in electrical pulses and the increase in speed with which they are traveling. 


  1. Sounds good. One question that immediately pops into my mind is how the player is neutralizing the pulses. Is that by firing something at them? The precise mechanism isn't critical in a focus document of course, but I'm wondering what set of skills the player has to deploy to do the neutralization? Is it more a timing thing, hand-eye coordination, or is there some cognitive aspect to it like selecting from a set of tools/options to match colors or similar?

    1. Well, as my prototype develops, I suppose I have made it easier than what I really want. But there is always time to make it better. Right now, I have the player as the neutralizing agent. So for example, your sprite must touch the lighting bolt before is leaves the screen. Several designated areas on the screen bolts will appear, they will slowly move up. You must make contact with them before they reach the top of the screen.