Sunday, October 28, 2012

Shockwave Prototype Update

          After receiving feed back on my first prototype, I have made some modifications. I guess that I was not so understanding of the fact that everyone might not know how to play the game, before actually trying it. As such, I have included a little sentence at the top on how to move the player entity, and what the entity does to get points. Also, I included background track from the band Nebula called All the Way. The track will continue to run as the game is open, then loop when it is complete, it is about a 10 minute track. I noticed that when the game was played by someone other than me, there was frustration in the slow acceleration of the player entity, so that has been increased exactly tenfold. In addition, the overall speed of the player entity has increased by 125 percent. Because I increased the player acceleration and speed properties, I also increased the frequency with which the charges are spawned. Lastly, I made increased the game clock from 30 seconds to one minute. Please play and comment!!! Thanks!!

Shockwave Update1

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